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Here’s the thing about life—there is no accounting for what fate will deal us. It's hard, and none of us escapes the struggle. We will endure loss and betrayal. We will grieve connections. We will search for purpose and question our worth. And then the wind will blow in a moment of dazzling beauty or a fantastic parking spot and remind us that the darkness always gives way to light. It is these moments that sustain us.

As you author your life, plan for change. It is inevitable and vital for growth. The discomfort we experience around change is often proportionate to our resistance. When we shift our perspective of the “problem” we create ease. With ease comes clarity. And from a place of clarity, we are able to choose our next course of action and execute it. 

We often sacrifice the experience of the present moment by worrying about the future and ruminating over the past. Neither one exists. We only have this moment. And we are always able to manage this one. And then the next. And the next. One of life’s greatest paradoxes is that our future hinges on our ability to live in the moment. This is where life happens. 

How do we quiet the chatter of our minds? Breathe. Pranayama (voluntary, slow, deep) breathing has been shown to reset the autonomic nervous system, improve self-regulation and mood, reduce stress and enhance cognition. This state of mindfulness is where we strengthen our resolve, learn to forgive and connect to our highest self.

You don’t train for a marathon by running a marathon over and over. You build up to it. Slowly. You get comfortable with being uncomfortable.  So, too, is the practice of mindfulness. We are not our thoughts. As we get better at being the observer of our thoughts, we release their emotional charge and find acceptance. Acceptance is not resignation. It is simply a surrender to the illusion of control—the antidote to resistance. This is where peace and freedom await us. 

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